Keiko is kind, isn't she?

Let not the king say so!

Alan was kidding.

Suppose there was a worldwide oil shortage in ten years' time. What would happen to the industrialised countries?

Dion is good-looking, isn't he?

Tolerant usually drives about ten kilometers per hour over the speed limit.

The rice is yummy.

You must miss her a lot.

He read the story five times over.

You must've been asleep.

Jeannette and Bradford know something they're not telling us.

Izchak wanted me to let you know when Rathnakumar will be arriving.

I'm not sure if I already welcomed you to Tatoeba. So possibly for the second time: Welcome!


Our university building is now under construction on a hillside in the north of Fukuoka.

Their names escaped me.

Marnix is a skydiving instructor.

You understand now, right?

He ate bread with butter.

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Frederic didn't know Masanao cared.

You should teach your children to be quiet at the table and only speak when they are spoken to.

This complex situation arose because signals from the environment itself can be inadequate.

Don't make me beg.

Fremont and Sutter lived in California.

Please give me a cupful of rice.

I know that I was wrong.

We have been struck by lightning three times.

Roman always sings out of tune.

How about inviting Ramsey to our party?

It is just your imagination.

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I know you're in here.

I have to go see him.

Why don't you just ask them?

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You will receive a confirmation email after your account has been activated by an administrator.

Are you through with the book?

Promise not to tell anyone.

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Raymond has no intention of going to Juergen's wedding.

Can you call ahead?

Nobody's going to hire you.

Don't fail me, Lloyd.

Things will work out.

My sister lied to me.

I was very careful, but I caught a cold.

She used to pray before going to bed.

I find it weird that you'd like to see me given how much I bothered you last week.

She worked hard to get the work done.

It is starting to look pretty cool.

He is too cautious to try anything new.

I'll never help you.

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The floor was very cold.

Ssi Jackson is the executive director.

Lock up your passport.

They ask her many questions.

I, too, like candy.

Dan mailed wedding invitations to all of his friends.

He got paid under the table.

He made a speech in connection with world peace.

Don't tell anyone that I'm here.

I'm studying English.

I used to smoke a lot, but I have given up smoking now.

I know Sally will get the job done.

I was startled beyond speech.

I thought Danny might know Sunil.

He is in London on business now.

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She is looking forward to her birthday party.

Excuse me, I'm coming through.

We'll be seeing the sights of Paris about this time tomorrow.

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We all missed you.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting of the senior executives about the future of the company.

I want us to be together.


He has a wistful look on his face.

Tai is more talented than I am.

He peels her apple.


Hal is overreacting.

Why didn't you stay with her?

We will never know if he is trustworthy.

I'm not letting you go by yourself.

Julius Jackson was one of the names I recognized on that list.

I'm a real cop.

Would you please tell me when to get off?

Today, I got up very early.

He started laughing hysterically.

I'm still the same person I used to be.

Don't praise yourself!

What does everyone do after school?

He stopped smoking for his health.


I thought this wasn't a big deal.


No one could predict the outcome of this cooperation.

Some other boys came along.

Move away from me.

It sure is convenient.

Illness prevented me from going to the party.

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Are you picking me up at 7 tomorrow morning?

Angela should call a lawyer.

What are we waiting for?

I'm pretty sure that Raanan doesn't have a brother.

A lot of the stars in the night sky have planets orbiting them.

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

I agree with him to a certain extent, but not entirely.


I'm the one who made Carolyn quit drinking.

That looked like fun.

What kind of things do you like to do?

Fritz didn't say what else might be in it.

Blaine isn't smart at all.

Metin has decided to eat more mints.

Sometimes it can't be avoided.

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He was wrong to go ahead with the plan.


We will visit our teacher next week.

Could you give me the 12mm wrench please?

I'm not much of a dancer.

Sorrel helped himself.

The Twitter bird is evil.


Some people followed him.

He looked calm, but actually he was very nervous.

German, Dutch, Norwegian and English are Germanic languages.


There will be other deals.

I don't want to stay here a minute longer than I have to.

Venkata struggled to stay focused.

Indra wanted to ask a question, but he didn't.

Franklin is staying at his uncle's.

This couch is not comfortable.

It was lucky that you left when you did.


I have a reservation for three nights from tonight.

Do you work at all?

I'm going to stop at this hotel for the night.

There's an extra charge for breakfast.

I fancy that most people who think at all have done a great deal of their thinking in the first fourteen years.

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Tell me when we reach the city.

I'm sure that he'll come to the party.

"I'm too old to be playing with bugs", said the boy.

Vaughn is still asleep.

I never thought I'd make this mistake myself.


He doesn't understand that his actions work against his own interests.


There's no rule against that.

Last night, I went to bed without brushing my teeth.

Once divorced from key questions of national culture and identity, comparative literature loses its way.

In the United States everybody is of the opinion that they have no social superiors, since all men are equal, but they do not admit that they have no social inferiors.

Did you take the clothes out of the washing machine?


Correct the mistake and return the file to Mr Luxemburg.

Why are you so disappointed?

I'm not completing your assignments.

Those plans look almost the same to me.

Success! This is the five-thousandth Klingon sentence on Tatoeba!


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word 'set' has 430 different meanings or senses.


Someone gave her a car.

I tried to warn you that Leads was looking for you.

We kind of expected this to happen.

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That's right.


I have the feeling that translating has become very unenjoyable.

You should've been paying attention.

Read such a book as will be useful to you.

Vickie speaks very quietly.

He's sometimes an interesting fellow.

The woman eats an orange.

She looked around in wonder.

No one can break-up true friendships.

This is the way he solved the problem.

Cary wants to be respected.

Revised told me that Suyog wasn't his type.

Last night, he asked if you were well.

I've just lost my new black wallet.

The valley was dotted with farm houses.

He is behind the times.


Could you bring me a Japanese newspaper?


The production has visual appeal for the audience.


I told him that I wasn't busy.


I abhor doing the dishes. It takes a very long time, and it's really boring.

In case of fire, break this window.

I'm afraid of discord arising with my husband so I'm turning a blind eye to his mistress.