Eliot is here with me today.

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We've still got work to do.

Jayant ignored me.

My grandmother is very forgetful of things nowadays.

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Never identify opinions with facts.

You're on your own, Takeuchi.

Stop hitting the cat!

I'm still thinking about it.

Let me die.

Did you watch this movie?

The heater broke.

I never meant for things to happen the way they did.

They disputed about whose turn it was to take the trash out.

Werner got up from the table and walked into the kitchen.

Hsi always wanted to be a doctor, but his grades at school weren't quite good enough to get him into medical school.

I wish you'd tell me what's bothering you.

He was a jester, and nothing more. He felt no pain; he was a jester, and nothing more.

I hate that movie.

It's very hot in here.

We help him.

I've looked everywhere, but I can't find my wallet.

She wore a pretty hat.

Fay meets his girlfriend at this coffee shop every afternoon.

Stevan and The worked together.

I'm already doing something about it.

He has seen better days.

I'm kind of astonished.

You have very sexy legs.

It's a good thing you're insured.

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She emerged victorious in the struggle.

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Raul was caught speeding.


The doctor is young. Is the pilot, too?

Should I make some tea?

A teacher should never laugh at a student who makes a mistake.


What the hell is going on?


Leave him alone, please.


She's always complaining about the food.

Mayo divorced Tad after the children graduated from college.

I'd like to have dinner with you sometime.


We can't stop her.

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I barely knew her.

Starbuck told the doctor that he felt no pain.

I got a bang out of her party.

What can I say to convince you?

This is a boy.

People had more money to spend on new goods.

There are men who manage to hide even their own hypocrisy.

We have some, but not nearly enough.

Jennie thanked me for coming.

Can I ask something?

He'd been in Kyoto twice.

I'm afraid Rebecca is dead.

The ticket is valid for a week.

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Stay out of my business.

Things could've been worse.

They buried it.

She felt insecure about her children's future.

Joyce has done OK.

I've got the afternoon free.

You better hide.

He wasn't conscious of the president's decision to drop the line.

You must study English hard.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid.

I'll be thirty soon.

I'd like to sit here for a moment.

I'm not afraid of lightning.


That's something we may consider.

They blocked the flow of water from the burst pipe.

What's the difference between jam and marmalade?


They fly south from the arctic region.

Kerri has been accused of shooting an unarmed man.

He's a little taller than you are.

How and why does the end link up with the beginning?

Everybody knows, but I don't care.

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Maybe we really are alone.


I wasn't concerned about that.

Margaret has great wealth, but he is not happy.

It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive manifestations of their aggressiveness.

I was wondering if you can speak French.

I don't notice any difference.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

I exercise my rights.

Which team will win?

I'm neutral.

We've been having some problems.

I've waited too long for this.

I was happy to pass the exam.

Murat tried to kiss Marco.

Where's your girlfriend?

My father can speak English well.

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I don't believe you two are acquainted.

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He had complete mastery over the necessary mathematics formula.


Something is wrong with this calculator.

I won't make the same mistake next time.

I prepared one.

We've got late because the hotel was so laidback.

I have absolutely no idea.

I want quick action subsequent to the decision.

Would you like me to help you develop the itinerary for your business trip?

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The sentence isn't useful.

I have four brothers.

Everyone seems to agree.


Bush respects all religions.

There's a lot of flu going around now.

It's past your bedtime.

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Old people catch colds easily.

My brother did.

Sing us a song, please.

Daryl is on a winning streak.

Miriam took his iPhone out of his coat pocket.


I have a stuffed-up nose.


Her house is near the sea.

He is a super-hard worker, so I'm sure he'll make good at his new business.

Slartibartfast is a klutz.


We can go to the show on Friday.

We're fine now.

A rose is a pretty flower.

I'm extremely unhappy about it.

Were you in the moor yesterday?

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It isn't a secret.

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Dan didn't even love Linda.

Let's see if we can get inside.

This city is as hectic as Manhattan.

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Being awake is the opposite of being asleep.

I'm the one responsible for the accident.

Different experiences lead to different choices.

How do you know that your house is haunted?

Nothing dries more quickly than a tear.

Is Emily at home now?

As soon as I've grilled the fish, you can taste it.


Can we stop at my place?


Surely there was something we could've done.

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Chuck claimed he wasn't afraid.

I need urgent help.

I can survive.

What we know about Christophe is that he has a wife Sunil and they have two children, a son and a daughter with the same names as their parents.

He gave me a postcard.


We don't really know Kaj.

This is an interesting case where there is no principal determining element.

Knead the dough gently.


Thanks for the recommendation.


Today is our day to shine.

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You don't want to make me unhappy, do you?


There's something over there.

Cells make up tissues.

Marian should be back by 2:30.

Paula doesn't seem too convinced.

You have the same chance as everyone else.

He was told to expect her help.

I want you to like her.

We cannot dispense with the rainforests.

Could I get another cup of coffee?

I am familiar with his music.

He gave me an outline of the affair.

Pablo asked Conrad if she wanted a sandwich and she said yes.

We'll be there in thirty minutes.

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I want them fired.

Turkey produces a lot of minerals.

You know it better than anyone else.

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The sun was shining like gold.

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In this paper I address the question, what is difficult about the intermediary's position in a negotiation?