He was watching TV last night.

I have come in response to your ad in the paper.

The confusion beggars description.

Show Lou your hands.

It's the house specialty.

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Petr is really peeved.

No one welcomed the proposal.

Does Jason swim every day?


If you want to include papers that have been submitted to academic journals, you are limited to those that have been accepted for publication.


Jacobson was finally able to get his car started.

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They herded the geese till evening and then went home.

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I tried to set by all the money I could earn.

I couldn't stand to see you leave.

He did not accept their invitation.

Sugih's tattoo reads, "No gods, no masters!"

Do you think something like that will repeat itself?

Ritchey is sometimes given to hyperbole. When Matthieu arrived much later than he'd promised, Jesper said: "I've gone through four seasons waiting for you."

Kill everybody, God will recognize his ones.

Can you drive the jeep?

We keep things like that in a locked room in the basement.


Of course, that was what Teresa was suggesting.

What will happen to the Japanese economy?

Did that hurt?

I see that you've found your umbrella.

There is no cure for schizophrenia.

Sorrel put his hands in the air.

This medicine seems to help.


Leave it behind.

You are beautifully dressed.

I've been told Ti has been in an accident.

Lingua Franca Nova is free for all to use.

We're getting what we deserve.

I'm trying to save money.

Lorraine isn't right.

Francois loaded the van.

He worked under divine guidance.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Tears began to spill down her face.

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I wasn't trying to be hero.


Is eating 1,800 calories a day enough?

You're stronger than them.

Winds haunt the village.

Rolf sang a song.

I've had enough, so my stomach is full.

Can I try on this pair of shoes?

She had forgotten her umbrella so I lent her mine.

Please take care of Pim for me.

I'm not looking forward to that.

The rain didn't stop, and went on for the whole day.

Give me his picture.


Sofoklis graduated with Magna Cum Laude.

What time did you go to bed yesterday?

We wound up at the cinema.

Frederic isn't the kind of guy who gives up easily.

I have to choose my words very carefully.

We're all set.

I won't tell you what to do.

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She curtained the windows.


I asked him to keep quiet.

Don't trust what he says.

The beer foamed over the top of the glass.

I know how important your problems are to you.

He met a seductive young woman at the party.

The world is not a petting zoo.

I couldn't keep lying to her.

He told him right to his face.

It is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.

I said I wouldn't tell her.

I think we can make it.


I still have some homework to do.


I'll meet you later.

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They are paid by the week.

Come outside with me.

Panos was killed in the battle.

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I've completely lost my bearings.


I have a skunk in my backyard.

I have five friends.

She is an old acquaintance of mine.


There must be something else to eat.


We're confident of our victory.

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Dory died alone.

Give this copy to them.

Why can't Todd stay here?


It's unlikely Marek will be here on time.

You've seen what we can do.

Much of what they wrote about never happened.

Our teacher said, "Water boils at 100 degrees."

I figured if Cole could do it, I could too.


Grass doesn't grow faster if you pull it.

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They're not freaks.

Does Toufic feel the same way?

I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.

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It was raining in the forest.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

Griff may become jealous.

She sighed with disappointment at the news.

I simply don't love her.

Our solar system is 26,000 light-years from the center of the Galaxy.

I bought a pair of scissors.

You need to reverse your vest, it's back to front.

How did it come about?

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Dan didn't even bother to reply.

There's something about Granville that gets on my nerves.

He's really handsome, too.


Is there a room available for tonight?

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I'm trying to save you.

I'm ready to die.

Just go and try it!

You should return all the library books before the end of the year.

His aunt looks young.


You should go to bed. It's almost midnight.


Lindsey wasn't a bit hungry.

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I was trying to cover up my wrinkles.


I would like to start.

Vincent reluctantly went home.

Can I do anything?

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I wish I hadn't lied to him. I'll never be able to look him in the face again.

Randell certainly doesn't speak for all of us.

I like that.

I'm not buying you another drink until you say sorry.

I was forced to sign the form.

Rajendra is an intelligent boy.

I can't go tomorrow.

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The air seems damp.


I consulted her.


Who notified her?

Anne wanted to have the best looking Halloween costume at the party.

This vending machine is out of order.

God dammit! What were you even thinking?

Better drop by his gallery if you have time.

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There were hidden cameras everywhere.

Ti's not my name.

She waited for the bus.

Can we bring him?

Does Al still owe you money?

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There was a light shining ahead and I tried to reach to it.

Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; I guess I'll go eat worms.

I bet we've all asked ourselves that same question more than once.

I can see Mariou.

If he goes on like that, he will never amount to much.


He divorced her after years of unhappiness.

The soil here is fertile.

It might be interesting.

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She deserves to know the truth.


Rajiv is a farm worker.


He did not return home till midnight.

Read as much as possible.

Fresh-water fish include some designated as protected species. You're not allowed to catch or buy them.

Gretchen was the first one here this morning.

The Roman troops were exhausted.


I think it's going well.


Nathaniel shook the bottle as directed on the label, but unfortunately didn't fasten the cap first.

Wine is not harmful in itself.

Ricardo told us no.


The Royal Shakespeare Company is presenting The Merchant of Venice next week.