I'm on Hank's side.

I will wait here for you. Come back tomorrow evening.

Stay out of the kitchen.

Chet walked ahead.


You've got two choices.


Marguerite was wearing a baseball cap when I saw him this morning.

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Don't you even think of eating my chocolate!

The complaint is under investigation.

Initially we had some problems with our computer system, but they've been sorted out now.

Gordon didn't put you up to this, did he?

Some people cannot cope with the world.

Neville is a nice girl.

His mother picked him up.

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He caught twenty butterflies.


When we hear of a divorce we assume that it was caused by the inability of those two people to agree upon fundamentals.


We have to overcome many difficulties.

Wait a second here.

Dr. Patterson: Sure. Do you know about Koko's love for cats?


Arnold is wise.

Do you think it was Leif who did that?

Trying is trying not to cough.


Jim has not yet returned home.


I thought you wanted to eat at that Chinese restaurant on Park Street.


I bet Saumya doesn't sleep a wink tonight.

Would you kindly switch off the radio?

She called her husband names to his face.

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He wears a woolen sweater.

His brother had been missing for a while.

That's neither a crow nor a raven, but a magpie.

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This shredder features a very high throughput rate.

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I was in hospital a few days ago.


I had a hard time of it.

She told me a wrong address on purpose.

There were a dozen suspects in the case.

Are you afraid of getting hurt?

You'll be given two weeks severance pay.


"You've fallen asleep. Good. I am now going to leave you all alone in the dark while I go out and get drunk." "You are a terrible person." "Gosh! You're still awake." "I stick my tongue out at you as a gesture of defiance. Now continue with the bloody story. If you omit even the tiniest and most insignificant of details, you will return here tomorrow to find these walls covered in excrement. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "Shut up and listen."

Gene wrapped a towel around her head.

Why don't you just go back and talk to Taurus?


People differ in habits.


Every dog is valiant at his own door.

This is a grave mistake.

No, the police aren't using a dog to look for a man. They're looking for a man who has a dog.


Kenton tried to conceal his knife.

To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Don't ever speak to me like that!

She won't be ready.

Fairies exist only in fairy tales.


What seems to be the problem, Harris?


Who killed him?


She gave a glance at me.

She cultivated her mind by reading many books.

Can you get these spots out of my pants?

What are you looking for in there?

Nancy set out on a solo journey.

Sandra has gone to the restroom.

I don't know how to help Kitty.

Why are you angry with him?

"How long will you remain in Boston?" "Until Thursday."

I was talking to my family.

He cut some branches off the tree.

I don't know whether to leave or stay.

I don't like your hat.

I've asked her to stay.

Two people were killed in a traffic accident.

In any case please stop using "pretty" when describing a man.

Eighteenth century, unless it's a forgery.

I get along well with him.

We really want to win.

I've tried to talk to her.

The radio is too loud. Please turn the volume down.

Is the chairman going to resign?

You and I had a conversation on Facebook.

The train was just on the point of starting when I got to the station.

I have an older brother and a younger sister.

Did you know that carp eat tadpoles?

You shouldn't talk back to your parents like that.

I come from Brazil.

Half-dead with fright, and trembling in every limb, the poor children lay down to sleep on a heap of straw in the corner of the hut.

This is actually old news.

February 12 is Darwin Day.


Margaret thought the room was empty.


Diana could tell by the way Jeannie slammed the door that she was upset.

Myrick has had that car for years.

He was in the habit of getting up early.

Tell us the truth now.

I have made a mess out of it.


Oscar doesn't usually eat dessert.

His secretary denied leaking out the information.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun.

You never can tell what'll happen in the future.

Brainwashing works!

We're not going to let you die.

She didn't go yesterday.

Can we just talk about something else?

They made speeches in turn.

Am I supposed to be doing something else now?


Work is considered like a duty.

I have serious doubts about their plan succeeding.

"Whose earphones are these?" "They are Fatima's."

He is in want of good assistants.

You had better speak more naturally.

I've been trying to reach her.

The military engaged the enemy five kilometers south of the capital.

World Diabetes Day is on the 14th November.


Conscience is sorrow. Intelligence is deception. Only on the outskirts of life. Can one plant a little illusion.

He proposed that bicycles be taken away.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

Is there anything I must do?

I don't like to send postcards when I'm on a trip.


He lost it.

Barry turned the page quickly.

Where did you put my coat?

My flight was delayed.

Harv was very well behaved.

I can't get over it.

Have you read today's paper?

The enemy attacked us at night.

There and back, in total, it looks like being a schedule of about one week.

He showed me the way to the station.

Could I get my ring back?

The woman suspected that her son was using drugs.

We've been together for a very long time.


I wasn't looking for Rolfe.


The problem is you.

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I'm waiting for the train.


He was the first actor I had met in my life.

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Should we get him?


She whispered it in my ear.

I had a nagging sensation that I'd seen him somewhere before.

My name is Tamako, and yours is?


I don't know yet.

I didn't say I worked out.

Do whatever you want, there will be gossiping anyhow.

I just can't deal with this now.

I still say it wasn't a good idea.

I thought you'd be too busy to see me.

She was disqualified from the race for two false starts.


I gave it my all.


Everyone recognized his skill.


What should I name it?


She's correct for sure.

In your opinion, she does not make concrete and feasible proposals?

They'll go to Ireland.

I hope you can come up with a better plan than this.

How did Daren know that Vinod wouldn't be here?

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I baked these cookies for her.

It is a pity that he has no sense of humor.

I heard Kevan gave you his grandfather's violin.

By chance, I found a hot spring.

I can't concentrate with all this commotion going on.

I hope we learn something interesting today.

It was clever of you to tell him that.

I normally get off work at about 8 o'clock in the evening.

As a man, no a human being, you're the pits!

An old woman was found choked to death.

It's not how it happened.


I have had my driver's license since I was 18 years old.

Everything concurred to make him happy.

Please join us.